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STALCRAFT is a time-tested MMO shooter set in the open world of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Plot and quests
The main storyline introduces the player
to the Zone and leaves them to enjoy an intriguing
story, full of cut scenes and
voiced dialogues. The world is filled
with many side quests steeped in stalker spirit.
Large-scale plot
Nonlinear gameplay
Various quests
Daily contracts
Fast-paced shooter
STALCRAFT is also a high-quality shooter with a focus
on high-paced action, where a lot depends on your reaction
and shooting skills. Choose the gear to match your playstyle
and leave no chance to your opponents.
Good weapon physics
Deep customization
Open world PvP
Open economy
Progression does not depend on money spendings.
Any equipment can be obtained in-game or purchased from
from other players at auction. Thanks to convenient
other players at the auction. Thanks to convenient trading tools,
the game established a full-fledged market economy.
Trade syndicates
Market economy
Explore the legendary Exclusion Zone
on your own or with other players,
earning yourself reputation and new equipment.
Become an experienced artifact hunter or a dastardly
bandit preying on stalkers. Raise your
own fortune on peaceful trade or cover the whole
map of the Zone in faction wars.
In STALCRAFT everyone finds something to his heart's desire.
Open world
5-player cooperative
Insidious anomalies
Dangerous mutants
Experience the atmosphere
Screenshots straight from the game

Survive at all costs

Discover all the features of the open world

Unknown phenomena of the Zone that pose a mortal risk to careless stalkers
Once harmless creatures, they’ve become monstrosities capable of tearing anyone to pieces
Explosions of anomalous energy that regularly cover the entire Zone. Emissions destroy all life in their path.
PvP / PvE
Who can you trust? Which is more dangerous—a monster in a man’s skin, or a man in a monster’s skin?